Karmen is on sale as usual and popular as ever, please see the dealer page to arrange a dem.

We have launched our Plateau sub chassis which you can hear at Cymbiosis, it is also available at Infidelity.  
We believe the sonic performance is at the same level as the Keel.

Introducing Stiletto:  Our flagship product which takes the LP12 into new territory and raises performance new level, it is quite simply stunning. Stiletto is a one piece aluminium plinth/top plate.  It is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, the top plate section being the same as our Karmen. This is the most exiting thing we have done and will be on demonstration at Cymbiosis, Infidelity, Tom Tom Audio and KJ West One.  There are also customer reviews posted on the Linn Forum and pink fish media.

LP12 Clinic:  We are offering a setup/service facility by Derek Jenkins at Tangerine in Banstead Surrey, we can also supply and fit a variety of upgrades.

On demo is the Triolgy 906 phono stage breaking new ground at just £895, we can also provide a cartridge dem of two favourites, the Lyra Delos and Dynavector DVXX2MKII, leaders in their price range.

Please contact Mark directly to discuss your requirements.

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